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Youth Crime Watch of America, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing Youth Crime Watches across the United States and other countries.  Unlike other programs, where well-intentioned adults attempt to solve youths' problem, Youth Crime Watch gives youngsters the tools and guidance necessary to actively reduce crime and drug use in their schools and communities.  With hundreds of programs throughout the country, Youth Crime Watch programs are credited with significantly reducing crime and drug use since the early 1980s.
To mobilize and equip a youth-led movement in schools and communities in partnership with public and private institutions to create a safer environment free of crime, violence, and illicit drugs in order to foster good citizenship throughout the world.
To expand a youth-let movement to all areas locally, nationally, and globally involving all facets of the community in support of the altruistic motives of youth and to inspire a "watch out, help out" commitment resulting in a dramatic reduction in crime, violence, and drugs.
Youth Crime Watch holds that all youth are valued individually and collectively, and subscribes to the values of good citizenship, moral integrity, pride in ourselves and our community, self-reliance, accountability, personal responsibility, and care and respect for others.  YCW members assume proactive peer influence and a "watch out, help out" philosophy.
  • To create crime-free, drug free environments
  • To instill positive values, foster good citizenship, and build self-confidence in our young people
  • To enable youth to become the necessary resources for preventing drug use and other crimes in their schools and neighborhoods

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