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Alpha Rho Delta - LAE

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To keep all our members informed, we'll post our minutes from the most recent monthly meeting here.  It will be updated after each meeting and (hopefully) be current.

February 4, 2008

Members in attendance:
Cassie Walls
Cassandra Perry
Mandee Bone
Dena Ruiz
Angi McNamer
Rena Bright
Larry Ratterree
Brandon Prothro
Sandi Allen
Chris Kirkbride
Retisha Mason
Guests in attendance:


Minutes taken by M. Bone


Board Meeting

  • Funds withdrawal form was presented to the board and approved
  • Details for the pinning ceremony were discussed
  • Mandee will create program for ceremony
  • Pinning Ceremony invite was presented and approved
  • Embroidery for the shirts was agreed on to just say “Lambda Alpha Epsilon”

Regular Meeting

  • New members were welcomed
  • Gas card raffle tickets will be available on 02/11 to pick up
  • Gas card drawing will be on 03/17 at regular meeting at 7pm
  • All hoodies/shirts/totes were ordered and paid for, payable to Angi, who will order them this week.
  • Fraternity info is now on the campus televisions on all three campuses
  • Youth Crime Watch committee was formed consisting of Chairman Angi, Cassandra, Retisha, and Chris
  • Pinning Ceremony on Feb 22, 6pm, in CRJ Classroom

          -Mandee will send invitations out by Friday 2/8

          -Dress code – business

          -Mandee is still pricing catering

              -Members must have valid and current membership card to participate

  • Winter Service Project drop points are the classroom and Walls’ office, Deadline is March 20th
  • Tutoring services flyers have been posted
  • New Mascot Contest

                -Prize set for $20

                -Deadline set for March 3

                -Submission will be voted on first meeting in March

  • Henry Tanner resigned on Jan 30
  • Promotions and Elections were held providing the following outcome by 100% votes

-Mandee Bone was promoted to Vice President

-Angi McNamer and Dena Ruiz passed on Secretary

-Retisha Mason was nominated for Secretary and subsequently approved

  • Membership drive ideas were proposed for the Spring Drive

-Recruitment Drive with a drawing at the end, for every person you recruit, your names goes into a drawing

  • Changes in Bylaws were proposed and passed with a vote of 100%

-Articles Include: III, IV, V – Please see revised edition on the website

  • Criteria for Andrea Lewis Scholarship Fund were set as follows:

-GED Student

-Having at least 45 credit hours

-Having at least a 3.0 GPA


Next meeting agenda overview
not available at this time

Next meetings will be held
  • Pinning Ceremony February 22th at 6:00pm in the Conference Room on Carroll Campus
  • March 3rd at 7:00 pm in the Conference Room on Carroll Campus

Lambda Alpha Epsilon - Region 5