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Alpha Rho Delta - LAE

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Our members keep us going!

If you would like more information on becoming a member of the American Criminal Justice Association, please contact Cassandra Perry!

Meet our President, Cassandra Perry

Listed below are the currect members of our chapter...strong and growing!!

President, Cassandra Perry
Vice President, Amanda Bone
Secretary, vacant
Treasurer, Angi McNamer
Sergeant at Arms, Dena Ruiz
Sandra Allen
Joseph Antico
Rena Bright
Sharon Hannis
Chirs Kirkbride
Brandon Prothro
Larry Ratterree
Martine Rose
Retisha Mason
Rena Bright
Henry Tanner
Advisor, Cassie Walls

Welcome New Members!

These members are new this quarter:

Retisha Mason
Larry Ratterree
Brandon Prothro
Sharon Hannis
Chris Kirkbride

Please see our Events page for upcoming events and activities!

Lambda Alpha Epsilon - Region 5