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Chapter Bylaws

Updated 02/07/08

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Alpha Rho Delta Bylaws

We, the Alpha Rho Delta Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association - Lambda Alpha Epsilon, accept the Grand Chapter’s Bylaws, in total, and make certain additions hereafter listed to be made applicable for our subordinate chapter.



Article I: Name


1.      This organization shall be known as the Alpha Rho Delta Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association, Lambda Alpha Epsilon.


Article II: Objectives


A.        Objectives of the chapter shall be to:


1.      Improve the Criminal Justice System through educational activities.

2.      Encourage the establishment and expansion of higher education and professional training in criminal justice. 

3.      Provide a unified voice for students of West Central Technical College.

4.      Promote high standards of ethical conduct, and higher education within the criminal justice field.

5.      To help, mentor, tutor, and counsel any student at West Central Tech in the Criminal Justice Program and to provide a foundation to assist those students to achieve their goal of receiving their diploma/degree in criminal justice.

6.      Promote enrollment for the Criminal Justice Program at West Central Tech by holding seminars, speaking to recent and future high school graduates, and distributing information to the general public.



Article III: Membership


A.        Qualification for Membership


1.      Membership in the chapter shall be composed of persons who are currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program at West Central Technical College at the time of their application for membership.

2.      No person shall be considered for membership whose occupation or activities are inconsistent with the aims and purposes of the American Criminal Justice Association, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, or the local chapter, Alpha Rho Delta.

3.      Any person convicted of a felony may be considered five (5) years after the expiration of sentence and must receive approval of their Regional President plus two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.

4.      No person will be considered for membership who has attendance issues at West Central Tech.

5.      Our chapter expects and encourages our members to maintain good academic standing.  Tutoring services are available through WCTC and through our chapter.


B.        Application for Membership


1.      Applications for membership shall be completed and presented to the secretary of Alpha Rho Delta.  Upon endorsement by the chapter and/or chapter officers, the application shall be forwarded by the chapter secretary to the Executive Secretary of the Grand Chapter along with the necessary fees.

2.      No applicant shall be denied membership in Alpha Rho Delta for reasons of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical disability.


C.        Time of Membership


1.      An applicant is not officially considered a member until they have received their membership card and certificate from the American Criminal Justice Association, Lambda Alpha Epsilon.

2.      Membership duration is one year and must be renewed annually using calendar year.


D.        Transfer of Membership


1.      A member in any chapter or a Member-At-Large in any region, and against whom no charges are pending, who desires to affiliate with Alpha Rho Delta, must file an application for membership with the chapter.  Upon approval, the application will be forwarded to the Executive Secretary.

2.      Members desiring acceptance into the Alpha Rho Delta Chapter must also submit in writing a letter stating the reason for the transfer of membership.

3.      Any member wishing to disassociate from the Alpha Rho Delta Chapter and become a Member-At-Large or member of another chapter must also submit a letter stating the reason for the request to transfer membership.


E.        Dues


1.      The initiation fee is $36.00 per applicant, which includes the annual dues for the year of the initial application.

2.      The annual dues are $30.00 per member and are required to be paid in January of each year.

3.      The reinstatement fee is $36.00 per applicant, which includes the annual dues.

4.      To maintain good standing, a member must have paid their annual dues in accordance with National Bylaws.


F.  Trials and Penalties of Membership


1.      Any member who shall be guilty of any immoral, dishonest, fraudulent, or criminal act or who shall act in such a way as to discredit the association or who shall offend against the Bylaws of the Association or Alpha Rho Delta, can be reprimanded, suspended, expelled, or withdrawn from membership with a four-fifths (4/5) vote by the Executive Board.

2.      Any member of Alpha Rho Delta who has been expelled or withdrawn from membership or any officer of Alpha Rho Delta who has been removed from office by a vote of the Board can appeal to the Chapter Advisor, only if the vote by the Board was not a unanimous decision.  The appeals process will be an arbitrary mediation involving the expelled/withdrawn member or removed officer, the Board Members, and the Chapter Advisor.


G.  Member Responsibilities


1.     All Alpha Rho Delta chapter members are required to adhere to chapter bylaws as well as National bylaws.

2.    New members will sign a form acknowledging that a copy of the chapter bylaws was received and understood.  National bylaws are available on their website,

3.    Members are urged to attend at least one regularly scheduled meeting per month.  Meetings are scheduled twice a month, dates and times are decided on during prior meetings and emailed to all members.

4.    If a member is not able to attend a meeting, as much notice as possible should be given to a chapter officer or the chapter advisor.

5.    Members are encouraged to participate in chapter functions and volunteer time for service projects.



Article IV: Officers of Alpha Rho Delta


A.        Officers


1.    The officers of Alpha Rho Delta shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms.  Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.

2.    Officers are required to come to all regularly scheduled meetings.  If more than 3 regularly scheduled meetings are missed, the remainder of the board may vote to remove the officer.  The vote must be unanimous.


B.        Election of Officers


1.      The President of said chapter shall be appointed by the head of the Criminal Justice Program for the initial establishment of the chapter.  All other officers can either be elected or appointed by the Chapter President.

2.      The term of office shall be one (1) year.  The term will begin in January and end in December.  If no challenges are made for an office, the term may be extended to two (2) years upon approval of chapter advisor.

3.   If an officer should graduate during his/her term, the officer may remain in position until the end of the calendar year.

4.      Nominations for positions will be held in November.  Elections will be held for all positions in December of the election year and newly elected officers will take office in January.


C.        Hierarchy of Officers


1.      The hierarchy of the chapter shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and then Sergeant at Arms.

2.      In the event of the resignation, removal, or death of the President, the Vice-President shall ascend to the office of President and all subsequent offices can be filled, if so desired, by the member holding the next lowest hierarchical office.

3.      Offices that are left vacant due to an officer resigning or being removed will be open to the member holding the next lowest hierarchical office first.

4.      An election will be held to fill any vacant office left when an officer resigns, or is removed.


D.        Recall of Officers


1.    Officers of Alpha Rho Delta may be recalled for any violation of the National or local Chapter Bylaws and/or by a ruling of the Executive Board of the Chapter.

2.    Officers of Alpha Rho Delta may be recalled for missing three consecutive meetings.

3.      A motion for recall of an officer can be made at any chapter meeting.  If the motion is made by a member, the motion must be seconded, and carry a weight of 90% of the members of attendance.  Once the motion has been passed with a weight of 90%, it will go before the board.  Motions for dismissal may not be made by an officer.

4.      For an officer to appeal a recall by the Board they must refer to Article III section F Paragraph 2 of the Chapter Bylaws. 


Article V: Chapter Responsibilities


A.       Service Projects


1.    Alpha Rho Delta will hold quarterly service projects.  These projects will be voted on by members and approved by the chapter advisor.

2.    At least one service project will be scheduled per quarter.


B.       Fundraisers


1.    All monies collected by fundraisers and such will be forwarded immediately to the Treasurer for deposit into our charter account through WCTC.  These funds should be given to Terri Stitcher for deposit.

2.    Any money withdrawn from our account requires that a Fund Withdrawal form be filled out.  All withdrawals must have the approval of three (3) board members and the advisor.  This form will then be filed with the chapter Secretary.


Article V: Amendments


1.      These Bylaws can be amended by a vote of 90% or more of the chapter membership.  All amendments must also have the approval of the Chapter Advisor.


Lambda Alpha Epsilon - Region 5