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Alpha Rho Delta - LAE

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Recent Events

1st Annual Pinning Ceremony
February 22, 2008
All members were honored and pinned in our first pinning ceremony.  We had a great turn out and had only three members not in attendance!  The ceremony and reception went well and it was nice to meet spouses of some members.
2007 Region 5 Conference
This year's conference was held at AIU in Atlanta, Georgia.  We had a lot of fun and brought home some trophies!!!  Here are a couple pictures and a list of winners.
Cassie Walls
1st Place - Corrections Academic (Prof Div)
1st Place - Criminal Law Academic (Prof Div)
3rd Place - Police Mgmt Academic (Prof Div)
Cassandra Perry and Dena Ruiz
1st Place - Crime Scene Competition (Lower Div)
Angi McNamer and Mandee Bone
2nd Place - Crime Scene Competition (Lower Div)
Dena Ruiz
3rd Place - Corrections Academic (Lower Div)
Mandee Bone
1st Place - Corrections Academic (Lower Div)
3rd Place - Juv. Justice Academics (Lower Div)

Dena Ruiz and Cassandra Perry - 1st Place Crime Scene

Upcoming Events

Spring Quarter, 2008
Supply Drive for the Abused Women's Shelter...Give Big!!
April 30, 2008
Regular Meeting
7:30 pm in the Conference Room
on the Carroll Campus
(board members please arrive at 7)

Lambda Alpha Epsilon - Region 5